Cohort  June 2020 | Applications open | Only 15 places

Full Stack Developer Master

We empower your skills and knowledge to become an outstanding developer with our 9 months on-site project-based and peer-learning program. You don’t pay anything until you get a job!

7 intensive months onsite

Expect hard time developing amazing projects in web development fundamentals with your colleagues.

6 months internship

Start your journey at some of the best tech companies, learn how they work and start developing your professional career.

Start your journey

Join the hottest tech companies. We’ll provide you with several job offers of our partners in exciting industries that are changing the world.

Program overview


7 months + optional Internship
+1.000 hours


Campus Barcelona


Spanish and English

TUITION options

You don't pay until you land in a job!


Onsite Full time
Mon to Fri
9am to 6pm



NEXT cohorts

October 2019 - Full
March 2020 - Full
June 2020 - Applications open

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Peer Learning

Collaboration is the key to a more scalable and effective education.

Flipped classroom

The teacher becomes a mentor. It means that during the classes there will be 10% lectures and 90% hands-on collaboration.

Blended Learning

Combining onsite and online method is a way of being always in touch and develop your investigation skills.

What will you learn?

You'll learn all you need to become a Full Stack Developer within a project based and peer learning program.

Learn how to think

We believe in a new way of educationwhere the only important thing is to improve your capabilities and knowledge to turn you into a professional full stack developer.

Launch your Career

Join the first Peer Learning program created in Europe with the collaboration of some of the hottest tech companies and close to top-notch CTOs.

Why us

Peer Learning

A unique learning method that empowers your skills and knowledge.

Learn more


Learn by developing projects in a gamified environment. With real-time ranking, rewards and more.

Learn more

Close to Tech Leaders

You will have different masterclasses with experts and CTOs each month.

Talented candidates

Only 1 of every 10 applicants are accepted to our program.


Learn from some of the best CTOs and software engineers based in Europe.

Daniel Giménez

Co-Founder and CTO at Trovit, Niumba. CEO at Finletic

Sergi de Pablos

Co-Founder and CTO
at Ulabox

Sacha Fuentes

Co-Founder and CTO
at Coverfy

Jordi Miró

CTO at The Hotels

Sergi Bech

CTO at Atrápalo

Bernat Ripoll

Co-Founder and Co-CEO
at Holded

Eduardo Cermeño

CEO at Vaelsys, PhD Computer Science

Diego Kuperman

Co-Founder and CTO
at SoySuper, Tech Speaker

Sergi Lao

Co-Founder and CTO

Jesús Monleón

Co-Founder Emagister, Co-Founder SeedRocket & Seedrocket4Founders VC

Marc Baqué

Head of Software at Slashmobility

Eduard Martínez

CTO at GoTrendier and

Te llamamos

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Assembler Experience

Studying with us is not just about gaining capabilities and knowledge. We believe that studying has to be a memorable experience.

Gaming nights

Introduction to some of the hottest games in the industry, like Clash Royale or League of Legends.

Sport Journeys

Join our sport journeys where you will work in teams and have fun with your colleagues.

Company Journeys

Visit the HQ of our partner companies like Marfeel, Badi or Holded to see where you may end up working.

Hack days and Hackathons

Participate in our events and competitions to develop new projects and constantly challenge yourself.

Hiring Partners

Kickstart your career and work for some of the best tech companies based in Barcelona and other European hubs

MEET our partners

Ready to define your future?

Join the best coding Master with some of the best CTO's and companies.

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