Supported by some of the hottest
tech companies in Europe


Hiring Partners

We have created this program to deliver talent needed by some of the hottest tech companies in Europe.

Join our Partner Network

Join our partner network and gain access to the best tech talent in Spain.

Access high performance candidates
Make an impact on society
Mentor our students

Hire outstanding candidates

We select the best candidates to join our program. Only 1 of every 10 applications are accepted in our Full Stack Developer Master.

Outstanding talent

We select the best talent to join our school. Only 10% of the applicants are accepted in our programs.

Support the future of education

Shape the future of education and participate in the content creation of our programs.

Priority in hiring

By joining our partner network your company will have direct access to our students to hire them.

Create content

Create your own projects to include in our curriculum and be the first real world experience for our students.

Internship programs

Participate in the evolution of our students by giving them a chance to make an internship in your company.

Follow our candidates

Access our students' profiles and see their progress during the program.

Hire outstanding talent

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